Friday, November 8, 2013

7:30 AM

Want to ensure your online privacy and security? Then you should read this. We have rounded up 10 most popular tools available today that will shield your pc against malicious programs and from whoever collect your private data & information without your prior permission.

1. VPN
It will encrypt all your internet traffic. In addition, you can browse the web anonymously and prevent websites from monitoring your moves online. Try CyberGhostSecurity Kiss

2. Password Manager
It'll securely store all your password in a database and prevent keyloggers from grabbing your passwords. Keep remember one single master password & let Password Manager take care of the rest. It has some cool features like Generate password, Auto form fill up, Auto log-in to websites. Try LastPass

3. Set Up 2-Step Authentication / Verification
This is a another great service. Now you can protect your accounts from unauthorized access. As today most popular websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Yahoo!Mail, Dropbox offer 2-step authentications. Try Google / Facebook / Twitter / Wordpress / Dropbox etc.

4. Block Who Track Your Online Behavior
Today thousands of companies invisibly collect your data on the internet, including the pages you go to and the searches you do, then sell those data without your permission. There are some tools that you can view who track you and simply block them from tracking your online behavior. Try Disconnect Me / DoNotTrackMe / Ghostery

5. Search Anonymously
Do you know some search engines track and save your search history, even they filter your search result. Just imagine what will happen if your search result falls into the wrong hands. Is there any search engine that doesn't track us. Answer is yes. DuckDuckGo is the well know anonymous search engine available today. It doesn't track you or save your search history. It also doesn't filter your results, so you'll see the same top returns everyone else sees when they search the same phrase. Try DuckDuckGo
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6. Firewall 
You need a good firewall to control outbound connections. Malicious programs try make outbound connection. By using a firewall you can block applications on the pc from making unsafe outbound connections, and it will also prevent your pc from becoming a zombie. Try Comodo Personal Firewall

7. Always Use A Secure Mode ( HTTPS )
Purpose of using a secure mode is encrypting your traffic with the website you are visiting. It makes your browsing more secure because it prevent third parties from intercepting your unencrypted internet traffic. Try HTTPS Everywhere browser plug-in.  Firefox / Chrome

8. Scan Files Before Download
Whenever you download any file from internet, you inevitably put your pc at risk of attack by malicious programs. It can be difficult to eliminate once some of those thing attain access to your pc. So before you download anything from internet run it through a online virus scanner and make sure it doesn't attach any malicious program. Try VirusTotal

9. Anti-Keylogger
Today most of malicious programs have keystroke logging capability. It can steal every word you type on your keyboard and send to the creator of that particular malicious program. Keylogging has become a major cause for data loss. You can avoid keylogging simply by using a Anti-Keylogger. Try KeyScrambler

10. Popup Ad Blocker
You might have been seen loading popup ads, windows, video and flash content without your proper permission. These kind of things kill times to take load a website and waste your bandwidth. Therefore a good ad blocker may help you to stop unwanted ads. Try Adblock Plus


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