Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12:02 PM

Wordpress 3.8 that is expected to be released in December are going to be completely different. This release is focused on improving the user interface for admin area. That means a lot of visual improvement will come. Many of the planned options for WordPress 3.8 are already accessible for testing and development functions as plugins.

New Admin Interface

Wordpress admin area look and feel will improve with MP6 Style. It's already out there as a plugin, and you can give it a try by installing it. It gives wordpress admin interface a modern, optimized and polished new look.

New Default Theme - Twenty Fourteen

Twenty Fourteen are going to be the new default theme for next year which is expected to be released in WordPress 3.8. It's a magazine style theme with support for featured content to be conspicuously displayed across the site. If your website doesn't use featured pictures, Twenty Fourteen makes positive that it's pretty out of the box while not featured pictures in addition.

Widget Area Chooser

Difficulty of drag and drop a widget will be solved with a new user interface. The new widgets screen will allow users to easily choose the sidebar they want to add a widget to without dragging it across different sidebars. The new widget interface will be cleaner, clutter free, and visually appealing.

Theme Dashboard and Live Preview

The new theme experience will provide a better user interface to live preview. It's will able to completely collapse the sidebar and see the full screen theme previews. It is also much faster and prettier than previous theme dashboard.

These were a number of the highest options returning in WordPress 3.8 that we’re wanting forward to. There may be more changes we didn't heard. You'll have to wait till December to see all these changes in action.


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